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Where do I being? You have been such a "blessing" to us i the last couple of year. The food you brought us (several times) always came at the right time. I highly recommend your service and tell everyone it was a "God-Send". Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and the beautiful spray of flowers you sent. Your friendship to Meme, Pappa and family has been priceless.

The Williams Family

Thank you so much for your kindness and concern during mother's illness. Geraldine was perfect for mother. Also, thank you for the good brisket, fruit and buns. It was so helpful, especially since you brought it that day. I hope your father's progress has improved. We are thinking of you.

Esta & Family

Karen & Katheryn,
Thank you for the fresh flowers, the wooden cross was very special. We appreciate your love and support in our time of need.

The Peavy's

I want you to know how much I appreciate the gas cards. They really do help out! You're a very sweet & thoughtful person! Thank you!


Dear Katheryn,
Thank you very much for all your hard work & extra efforts you've made during this time of "fruit basket turnover" and sitters at my mother's. I really appreciate both of you!

Monta Kay

Katheryn & Karen,
Thank you so much for the lovely green plant you sent from Sitters. I will loat at it and remember how nice all the sitters were during Bill's illness and death. I appreciate your thoughtful gesture.

The Ward Family