About Sitters

Karen Schmidt and Katheryn Schmidt are both Owners of Sitters. We have been established as a company since 2005, We are here to serve the needs of our community. Sitters offers non-medical, elderly care In-Home Hospital Sitting and Nursing Homes and Assisted Livings. Current Rates are $16.00 an hour for one patient and $18.00 for two patients. We also have a 4 hour a day minimum. We have a Current business license and we are Insurance bonded. We do not take Medicare or Medicaid.

Meet the Owners!

Meet the Owners!

If your loved one is at the point where they need regular care and monitoring, Sitters can provide you with affordable and quality care from one of our caregivers. With over 25 years of experience, Katheryn-along with her 24 Contracted Independent Caregivers-considers your loved one's well-being the highest priority.

Katheryn will first do an over the phone or In-home assessment with the client and family to understand not only their needs but also their personality.

We monitor the progress of every client we serve to ensure they continue to lead healthy, meaningful, and well-rounded lives under our care.